Who are we?

Start'N'Grill is a Start'Up that wants to revolutionize the old-fashioned world of Barbecue.

Our expertise

Based on the fact that this product has hardly evolved since the 20th century, we wanted to create the barbecue of the 21st century. In 2021, it was time!

A real barbecue is a charcoal barbecue, but users are more and more in a hurry to abandon it because of the chore of lighting it up and turn to gas or electric barbecues, which are only barbecue in name. They are outdoor cooking tools but certainly not barbecues. 

Thanks to our innovation, it is now possible to light your charcoal barbecue as easily as a gas or electric barbecue, no more excuses to turn to these solutions. You can even light our barbecue with your smartphone. The whole family can light our barbecue safely and in less than a minute, even your kids!!